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How can I watch live news on Internet in India?

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Fellow netizens, brace yourselves for this is going to be a roller coaster ride into the world of live news streaming! India, the land of spice and everything nice, offers a smorgasbord of online platforms to quench your thirst for real-time news. From the grand old Doordarshan and its exciting live YouTube channel to the sizzling hot Aaj Tak and its dynamic website, live news is just a click away, folks! You can also dive into the ocean of apps like JioTV, Hotstar, and Zee5 to swim with the news sharks. So, buckle up, my friends, for a thrilling journey into this digital news wonderland, where you'll be the first to catch the news birdie right when it chirps!


Why consuming alcohol is considered bad in Indian families?

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In Indian families, alcohol consumption is often viewed negatively due to a mix of religious beliefs, cultural norms, and health concerns. Many Indian religions, like Hinduism and Islam, discourage or outright prohibit alcohol due to its intoxicating effects. Culturally, excessive drinking is seen as a sign of a lack of self-control and discipline. There's also a strong awareness about the health risks linked to alcohol abuse such as liver disease and mental health issues. Lastly, the impact of alcoholism on family life and society, including domestic violence and financial instability, is another serious concern.


How will you define the success of Rishabh Pant as a cricketer?

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Rishabh Pant's success as a cricketer can be defined by his remarkable achievements at a young age, including his impressive strike rate and aggressive batting style. His fearless play and ability to perform under pressure have made him a game-changer for the Indian cricket team. Pant's success is also evident in his rapid rise to become one of the key players for India in all formats of the game. His consistency, determination to improve, and his major contributions to numerous victories for his team, attest to his successful cricket career. Not to mention, his leadership qualities, showcased during the Australia tour, is a testament to his successful journey as a cricketer.


Journalist booked for roti-salt midday meal video gets clean chit?

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In a recent development, the journalist who was booked for releasing a video showing children being served roti and salt for their midday meal has been exonerated. It was a huge relief as the reporter was initially penalized for exposing the grim reality of the midday meal scheme in certain regions. The video had sparked widespread outrage, leading to scrutiny of the government's midday meal program. However, the vindication has once again highlighted the importance of free and fair journalism. It's a clear reminder that truth-telling should never be penalized, no matter how inconvenient the truth may be for some.