How can I watch live news on Internet in India?

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How can I watch live news on Internet in India?

Getting Online to Watch Live News in India

I'm Kiran, an easy-going guy who enjoys catching up with world happenings from my humble abode in Canberra, Australia. Like most people, I have a thirst for information and I am not a fan of traditional television broadcasts. Why? Well, they run as per their schedule, not mine! The solution – live news on the internet. Anyone located anywhere, myself included, can tune in to catch up on the latest news from India. This can be done through different strategies, which we shall explore in this article. Now, why not pull yourself together a 'chai' and let's keep the ball rolling.

The Wonder of Satellite Websites

The emergence of satellite websites has made it almost effortless for people to watch live news regardless of their geographical location. It's like opening up a window to the world, only this time, it's happening in real time. This is how it works: Major news broadcasters in India offer live streams accessible from their websites. ABR (Aaj Tak), NDTV, CNN-IBN, the list goes on. Once you visit these sites, they provide a live stream feature where you can watch their news, live from India! For someone like me, who just needs to know what's going on in India, it's a simple click away. Who told me about this, you may ask? Well, a friend of mine, Ravi. He loves cricket and doesn't miss out on any matches. It's through him I learned of the magic of these satellite websites.

Internet TV Providers

Moving on, another powerful way of accessing live news from India is through Internet TV Providers. Thanks to the rapid internet growth, we've seen a surge in companies providing live television channels through the internet. The crystal clear picture, variety of channels, and reasonable costs make internet TV an attractive deal. Companies like Sling TV, YuppTV, among others, provide numerous Indian channels catering to various languages and regions. I remember when I first discovered YuppTV back in 2021. Oh, the joy! I went ahead, subscribed and, voilà, I watched the live Indian news at the comfort of my couch in Canberra, savoring my buttered popcorn!

Get the News via Social Media Platforms

The advent of social media has not only changed communication but also how we consume news. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more recently, Tiktok, can be a treasure trove for live news from India. Many media houses from the subcontinent have a commanding presence on these platforms, regularly updating their viewers on the latest happenings. This is fantastic, right?

A small funny story on the side, it was thanks to Instagram that I learned Indian Prime Minister inaugurated the world's largest cricket stadium in February 2021. I spotted an Instagram post from an Indian friend. The stadium's sheer size, alongside the thousands of people in attendance, was a spectacle, at least on my 6-inch phone screen!

Global On-demand Streaming... For News

In recent years, the on-demand streaming industry has exploded. Think of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Though platforms like these are known mainly for movies and series, some also feature live news sections. Log into these, go to their live news section, and you'll probably find an Indian channel just waiting for you!

Using VPNs to Beat Geo-blocking

Last but not the least, let's talk about VPNs. Most of these platforms employ geo-blocking to restrict access to their broadcasts beyond certain geographical boundaries. This is where VPNs, short for Virtual Private Networks come in handy. A VPN helps users to bypass these restrictions and get access to live news from India. It is as simple as choosing a server location in India from your VPN provider and then streaming the live news. Technology, it's really a fascinating thing!

Just a light suggestion, using a VPN also gives you a much-needed layer of privacy while on the web. Knowing this, I feel quite like a tech-savvy James Bond, sipping his Martinis while catching up with the happenings from across the globe.

In conclusion, streaming live news from India, or any other place for that matter, is easy as one, two, three! Finding the perfect method depends on your personal preferences and internet access. Happy browsing, news enthusiasts!

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